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Bad Products??

Ever sold a product that you knew was not equal to the advertising, or was an outright piece of junk. I bought one of those knife sets once that was advertised on television. It was supposed to be so good, and it the cost was low. I got it, and it was pure trash. I couldn't help think at that point, that it was no wonder the price was so low. - by crassus
I havent sold a product like that, but I've sure bought a few! - by Eerie
When I use to sell products I also never sold products that I knew were junk, and the reason was because I knew if a customer bought the product it would hurt me later. If you sell products that you know are junk the customer may not return to buy anything else from you, and if you offering a guarantee you will only loose money when the product is returned.

My mom bought one of those hand held sewing devices (I can't remember the name of it), and it was a plastic piece of junk! She tried to return it to the company she bought it from, because they offered a guarantee, and they wouldn't take it back -- they told her she was stuck with it, and she told them their product was junk. The company she bought the product from was not a distributor, she bought it directly from the manufactuer.

I think many of those "as seen on TV" products are junk, but I have read about a few good ones. My advice is before you buy one of those products search the Internet for consumer reviews. I believe Readers Digest still does reviews of the products, and you can always check Amazon and Epinions as well. If you can't find a review on the product post in the forums to see if anyone has purchased it, and make sure to ask if the product done what they said it would do. - by mrs75
*VERY* good advice, Mrs75. With all the information that is available at our fingertips on the Internet, there's really no reason to be surprised by a bad purchase. People are always happy to share experiences with a product, so often I'll check that before buying something. I've saved myself a lot of headaches (not to mention money!) that way.

- Des ;co - by destiny
Well, it's true that, if you purchase something cheap and useless, you certainly won't be back for more.

Another company I can't stand dealing with is [company name removed by moderator]. They employ very young kids, certainly not plumbers, and for the ridiculous fees they charge, you could hire a real plumber cheaper. - by Eerie
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