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Hire a Publicist! (For book writers...)

It worked for me. I hired a publicist to publish my book and promote it. I'm very happy with the service I have received so far:

http://www.signingstars.net/cocktails.htm - by Eerie
What did you get for your money Eerie? - by fred
A line by line edit on my book (about 250 pages,) a professional cover, front and back; full distribution to all the B&M stores in Vegas - plus in some casinos including the one the book is written about - publishing with ISBN #, copyright and all of that legal stuff - Press release - a website for two years promoting my book - 15 reviews, plus a bunch of other stuff.

The editing enough was worth the price I paid. The lady who owns the company - SigningStars: Judith Moose, is doing an excellent job so far. She's a publicist by trade.

Anyway - it's a way to go if you want to get into print and do not know where to start with the marketing. - by Eerie
The editing enough was worth the price I paid.
Can you give a ballpark figure of the cost for this service? - by fred
The fee varies from 600. to $1000. Check out the link for full details.

Again, this for a book publishing service, and I am not affiliated in any way with this company, except I am a client. - by Eerie
The fees are less than I thought they would be. Good luck with your book Eerie. - by fred
Good luck with your sales Eerie. ;co

I've never heard a publicist associated with the actual publishing before. :cu - by Ricardo
I haven't tried hiring a publicist eversince. Eerie was contented of the services given by the publicist. It's simply because the publicist is doing the right job. And it's an good accomplishment. - by shinningstar
The link you provided is to a small independent publishing house who happens to promote and publicize their titles. I'm not sure a typical "Publicist" would do the same. - by Liberty
Hiring a professional for anything is good idea always, When you hire some one who know everything about his work in that case you dont have think anything else and just concentrate on your own work. - by mtajim
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