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Repetitive Sales (Calling customers several times per week)

I am in the floral business in the importer segment of the industry. We sell fresh cut flowers to wholesalers in the USA and Canada. Our business is similar to the produce business. We (sales people) of this segment find ourselves in the blind spot when it comes to find literature or training for our particular sales system.

We have to call our customers 2 and 3 times in one week for offering our products and the major challenge is not to sound repetitive or boring every time we contact the customer. This business is not the kind of business in which you call your customer once or twice a month.

We are in a segment of the industry that fast paced and driven primarily by price and in a much lower percentage by quality without worrying about price. This is one of the issues but not the most important one.

The wholesale buyers have very little time on the phone and the product list is very long. Besides, technologically speaking many of them do not even use IM or rarely see their emails and fax toner is a problem when you send more than one page per week. So what I want to say is, there is too much info to show and very little time on the other end of the line.

There is way too many people offering the exact same product as I am (which is hundreds of different flowers) and I'd like to find new and better ways to communicate with my customers without being annoying.

Does anyone feel familiar with my situation? - by JPHenao
What is the goal of your call? New item introduction, maintenance, account penetration, etc.? - by fred
The goal of the call is to get orders from the customer. They can be of fulfillment, customized, specials, etc. The usual orders are of fulfillment or replenishment of staple products the customer sells. (Example: Bread, Milk, Eggs in a Supermarket).
Besides these orders I have to offer novelty products and specials to increase the chances of having a bigger sale.
It don't want to fall in the "Hi, what do you need today?... Nothing?... Ok, I'll call you in a couple of days... bye" type of impersonal call but I don't want to sound like a rookie telemarketer either.

These are customers I talk several 1, 2, 3 and even more times per week depending on their necessities. I would like to find a way to sound fresh every time I call.

This business does not fall to far from the usual way telephone sales works. If you catch the customer in a good mood and at the right time, chances are you could get a better order but this doesn't concern me. What concerns me is how can I be better on the phone if I'm calling my customer more than once or twice a week. - by JPHenao
What is standard procedure in your company or industry for this type of call? - by AZBroker
The procedure is not rigid. Usually the way I do it is I call and try to engage in a little conversation prior to offering what is on stock plus some kind of special that can compliment the order.

Our segment of the industry (Importer-Wholesaler) does not have a standardized call type or way to offer the products. It changes from company to company. The supply and demand on our business is very fluctuant so this makes it a very dynamic business.

As in any business the target is to build a relationship with the customer but having so much competition makes it somehow challenging.

All factors drive me to the same question. Is there any method, course, book, seminar that teaches or help you improve your sales when you have so much communication with your customer? - by JPHenao
Apparently my problem has less answers than I thought I would get. If anyone has any resource I can use, please let me know. - by JPHenao
Apparently my problem has less answers than I thought I would get. If anyone has any resource I can use, please let me know.
I'm on my way to the Beach but a quick suggestion would be to work on your (consultative) relationships with the clients. Become a resource they can rely on. Sorry... have to run. - by fred
JP, This does sound like an unusual type of telemarketing. I've got more questions than answers
  • Do your competitors call their customers several times a week, also? Do your customers expect you to call so often? If not, maybe you are contacting them too much, which is