Memory Aids

What tips does everyone have for memorizing new information? - by Iceman
Attention... no distractions.

Repetition... here yourself say it out loud several times. - by AZBroker
My buddy used to take a vitamin called Deep Thought. I don't know what brand it was but he swore by it. - by Thomas
Say it out loud and write it down! - by Colleen Francis
Forget about the hard work I'm going for the memory pills. ;bg - by Iceman

Making up a story linking items of recognition with words.
I can still remember the answers to an exam I took over 10 years ago and how the story went.

I can't remember the question though! - by Dolly
Thanks Dolly! ;sm - by Iceman
Me, I will store it on my cellphone reminders. - by matefork
Repetition works for me sometimes. Repetition works for me sometimes. hehe
BUT other times I simply need to write it down. Seems like once I have something in tangible form, I remember it better. - by destiny
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