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Which contributes much to the company's reputation?

Public Relation, from my point of view, is the relationship of the company to its customers. On the other hand, publicity for me, means how much popular the services or products of the company.

Which contributes more to the company's reputation? For me, public relation must be the factor that should have more attention. If public relation is not taken cared of, even how much popular the company is, customers won't buy it for the customers don't feel the right attention.

But publicity can also have a very good part for the company. For example, cigarettes. Even though it doesn't care for its customers whether or not they would have respiratory disease because of smoking, it doesn't affect the company as long as it is popular to the people. - by encoder
Public Relation, from my point of view, is the relationship of the company to its customers. On the other hand, publicity for me, means how much popular the services or products of the company.
It's a good thing you posted your point of view on these two terms because I don't believe they are consistent with what one would find in a dictionary. - by SalesGuy
Well.... I already voted before I saw your definitions. To me, publicity means the publicizing of one's company. And *that* means that even the lousiest of companies can publicize their company as being the best, the fastest, the most beloved, etc. and means basically nothing to me. On the other hand, public relations, word of mouth, how they've treated customers is MUCH more important to me than what their publicity (spin?) says. - by destiny
I agree. PUblicity is not as effective as Relations. - by Snowboy
To me, publicity, public relations, is giving speeches, writing articles, having press releases published in newspapers and other publications, becoming involved with civic and community organizations, donating time and money to worthy events, and sponsoring various organizations and events.

These are not simply for companies. If you, as a salesperson, are not doing some or all of these things, you're missing the boat. Why does GM, IBM, Microsoft, and every other major company have a staff that just deals with public relations? Because for image and reputation it is far more effective than anything else--period.

You see your five prospects a week and try to develop a relationship with them. Your press release--reported as news not advertising--in the newspaper is seen by 25,000. Will these 25,000 call you? Of course not. But if they see your name associated with things that are not "advertising" or "prospecting" a number of times over a period of time, they'll be far more open to listening to what you have to say than with just your cold call or direct mail piece. You've become an expert, not a salesperson.

You cannot afford to leave this on the table. Not only is it far more effective than almost anything else you can do to establish your image and reputation--most of it is free.

If you want to be considered an expert, you need to be as aggressive in the public relations department as anything else you do.

In addition, why are you waiting for your company to do it? They're going to market themselves--you want to market yourself. You want people to remember you, not your company. If you're relying on your company name to make sales for you, you're going to starve to death, no matter who you work for. You sell, not your company name.

Your competition isn't Merrill Lynch, Lexus, New York Life, Countrywide, or any other company. Your competition is the person selling for Merrill Lynch, Lexus, New York Life, or whomever. And they're struggling for business just like you. You're on equal footing. Your job is to take advantage of that. - by pmccord
Paul, an excellent description of public relations.

Chuck - by Sales Pro 1000
Very nice Paul. - by Ed Callais
Public relations doesnt necessarily mean relations with the customer. It's more of relation ship with the community. Deals with networking basically. If you are active in the community, you will network alot, and guess who is the first one they think of when they need a product similiar to yours? :) - by jrboyd
AFLAC has over 80% recognition in the marketplace. Aflac engages in both publicity AND public relations.

My understanding.... MY UNDERSTANDING of public relations is one where a company engages the public. This could be by supporting a cause, a shelter, a charity, a claims policy, a return policy, and in most cases means to me it actions and policies.

My understanding... MY UNDERSTANDING of publicity, is the advertising some of or many of the positive actions of the the company.

Aloha... :cool: - by rattus58
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