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Things to do at first meeting.

My father, a salesperson at heart, thought me these things for the first meetings.

1. Be presentable. Just as what one post said here, first impressions last. Wear the most presentable clothe you can wear.

2. Be on time. If you have an appointment, never be late. As the saying goes, time is gold, especially for businessmen.

3. Appreciate your client. Thank him for the time spent with you or just admire the accomplishments he had in his place. People will easily be at ease with you when you sincerely appreciate the achievements he has done. But don't ever fool people by just saying "I like your clothes!" Better tell them "Your clothes really fit you!"

4. Ice-breaker must connect to what you sell. This is the most important part of the conversation for when you have the attention of your client, you can easily sell your product. For example I'm selling insurance, "Did you know that according to survery, people who have insurances are healthier than those don't have insurances?" (I just made this up. This is just an example so before going to sell, better prepare a good ice breaker and must be backed-up with facts.)

5. Don't go around the bush. Say directly to what you have come for. From what I said lately, time is gold and you should not waste it with other things in order to get the persons trust. That must be done on the 3 step, appreciation. If the client really loves talking, make a way wherein every topic that your client is saying will go back to what you are selling. That's not an easy thing to do but right practice will do the job. - by encoder
Those are some really good points Encoder. Thank you for sharing. :) - by SpeedRacer
Good Stuff. I added when reviewing this with my sales team #2. Be on Time. Make an appointment so you can be on time. Don't set lose open meetings that you show up whenever. You lose the chance to set that you are a doer and value their time. - by Landisintaiwan
I would also recommend setting up you follow up schedule while you're with the prospect. That eliminates weeks of voice mail and email. You arrange your follow up meeting as a phone appointment.

Susan - by susana
Some value in your ideas there - But what about your intent?:dun - by Snowboy
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