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Pressure Tactics in Auto Sales... *Don't!*

Okay, so I hope this is the right place for this. For any of you who sell used cars, I have a tip from my experience earlier this week. Please don't lie to your customers to pressure them!

I was looking at a really great car last week. First the guy told me they could offer me $100 for the trade-in... it was NOT that nasty of a car, but I really wanted the one he was selling.

A few days later he called because I had shown interest and I'd said that I'd let him know by the weekend. "My boss said we have to take this one to auction in three days, but if you'll commit, I'll save it for you." I don't like being pressured and I looked elsewhere.

Bottom line, another place gave me a FANTASTIC deal with a lot of extras, offered $800 for the trade-in and I have a really great new car. ;bg But that's not all of the story... the other one is still sitting on the lot more than a week after "the boss" was forcing that salesperson to take it to auction. Uh huh. - by destiny
Well, so much for competition. It really pays if you won't hurry in committing to something. Maybe, the reason they hustled you into buying the car was because they know if you go to another garage you're gone. Just my two cents. - by matefork
You might be right there, matefork. Maybe some of the pressuring *does* go on because they know people can find better deals elsewhere. But to offer me $700 less than other dealers did for the trade-in... well that's just wrong! - by destiny
Crooked sawdust peddlers who find themselves in sales positions - the Death of a Salesman syndrom - car sales or otherwise, have given everyone in sales who wants to make an honest and highly successful living a real opportunity to become to do just that and improve the public's opinion of selling.

In my little niche that's the case and I know whatever the kind of selling someone is in that same opportunity is there - that's what I find exciting and full of unlimited potential.

MitchM - by MitchM
Yes, Mitch... and the sawdust peddlers will see you selling ten times more products and probably never "get it" why your store, car lot, or web site, etc. is filled with customers while all they have is the occasional sucker stopping by. - by destiny

MitchM - by MitchM
Unfortunately high pressure selling works all too well for many salespeople. - by Jolly Roger
It does - so they use it.

MitchM - by MitchM
Unfortunately high pressure selling works all too well for many salespeople.
I'm sure it does... but not for me. As soon I feel the teeniest bit of pressure
beyond what I expect as "the norm" I just shut down and walk away. ;sm - by destiny
being a car salesman you are right and wrong...

nothing, and I mean nothing good ever comes from a customer going home to "sleep" on it.

the reason being is, buying a car is in general, usually not a very logical decision. It's not rational. If you have a car that runs, you really don't need anohter. YOu may WANT one, you don't need it.

It's not like buying a house or stock or anything like that... it's not an investment, it's a liabaility.

You have to understand, I feed myself, pay my apartment bill, car note, put money in savings, etc buy selling. I am going to do everything I can to sell you a car while you are here (and I can tell you were dealing with a weak salesman or manager, becuase if you liked the car that much you would have at the very least taken the car home if you were dealing with me). not necessarly high pressure... some people you have to assert pressure with, most you have to nudge (like yourself) and some you have to give them a negative close. if i am getting jerked around, I will assert pressure... i will never, and have never let 700 bucks in trade value come between a car deal and me.

you don't know how many times I have seen people not know when to shut a customer down and they try to play the nice guy and let him take his dear time, only for him to come back a couple days later.. "sorry, bought somewhere else"... there is no prize for second place in sales... I had a customer literarly jerk me around for 2 weeks after buying a car for absolutly nothing other than she didn't tell me she was engaged and she bought the car and her fiancee didn't want the car... he threanted me, she threanted me, he told me we better take the car back "or else", etc.. I told her to cut me a 600 dollar check and we will be happy to take the car back (my comission on the deal) becuase i have delt with you for about 15 hours in all now, if not more, and I have to make a living one way or another.....

what i am getting at is, there is no base salary in sales, no second place, you have to irriate people sometimes to get at the real objection to close a deal.. we are both looking at the best thing, and if I don't have what you want I don't want you to buy anything, but it's about uncovering the objection - by asisiempre
I think, realistically, that is the case. I see similar things in real estate where you really have to show people properties that aren't what they specified and show them places going for rathe rmore than they want to pay. If you follow their instructions they look at few houses and buy none, but the other agent shows them the 'wrong' house and makes the sale. I know it irritates people but what can you do? - by theglyphon
exactly. I mean, for instance, sometimes what they want and what they can buy are two different things.. If you have a 500 beacon score and you want a 25 grand car and you make 2 grand a month and you don't have 15 grand down, I have another thing comin for ya... like a chevy aveo or something along thoose lines

I am as nice as it gets as a salesman, but I'm not an ordertaker.. I'm a salesman.. and it's a craft.. sometimes I have to step outside of what I would like to do to make a sale.

we have a salesman that isjust like you described.. he's an order taker. He is 39, and will never make more than 3 grand a month, and that's being generous. he lives paycheck to paycheck, becuase he only knows one type of sales.. the order taker route. If we don' thave exactly what you wnat for exactly what you want to pay, no deal.

Honestly... I make between 10 and 15 a month, and that's not bragging.. I could honestly do better in a better market, but you don't get there in this market by being an order taker. I am not afraid to get on the phone and get shot down 100 times a day to get 1 or 2 sales, he won't pick up the phone. I am not afraid to raise my voice to a customer that is stroking me around, he is, and will spend all day long peddleing around a "mind deal" (a deal that is only in ones mind).

what salespeople have to understand is, we do this for a living. a cusotmer buys a car every 4 or 5 years.. I sell 20-25 a month. You might, being a customer equate saving money as saving money on your car payment, but, like I had a guy last week who raised his car payment about 50 bucks a month (no choice, buried in his car) and he was oging to walk until I broke out my calculator and showed him how much money he was saving on gas, insurance, and general maintence.. all in all, his total overall cost of ownership actually went down about 70 bucks a month. - by asisiempre
Excellent post and approach asisiempre. ;) - by SalesGuy
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