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Sales Lead Generation Companies

Do you use leads to prospect for your business? Buying leads to prospect for your business can be a very important tool for your business. The key is to purchase targeted leads to your type of business and buy them from reputable companies. Find the lead companies that sell you unique leads to you only.

Some people will buy a huge list of leads (say around 5000 leads for $25), or something like that, but their response rate is going to be horrible. Why? Because these lead companies are selling their leads to 3, 4 even 5 other business owners.

Don't be afraid to spend a few extra dollars for good quality leads. I've seen companies who charge you $100 for 25 leads. But your response rate is like 15 out of those 25 are interested in hearing what you have to offer and you make 5 sales out of those 15.

Some people frown on using leads to build their business. I think having an on-going supply of fresh quality leads is a fundamental part of growing your business, but again, you need to be buying your leads from a reputable company who does not sell their leads to other business owners. Do your research. - by wlctrent
Those are some good points wlctrent. The idea of buying unique leads to you only sounds good but is that an option for many? - by Agent Smith
I know someone who owns a company like this. I will check with him and let everyone know.

Susan - by susana
Many people cant buy leads just because they might not find actually target leads for there market - by mtajim
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