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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Hi All,

I thought I might start a thread on those who have taken a horrible customer situation and turned it around into someone who eventually gave you a referral.
I thought it might be helpful to anyone who's learning sales. Always good to see examples of positive rewards when you went the extra mile for an unhappy customer.

Susan - by susana
I was once left to deal with a customer who my boss had seriously and persistently insulted by assuming she was a secretary and talking down to her a lot (she was the owner of a small business and back then we were direct selling stationary supplies with delivery and automatic restocking for a monthly fee.) So he finally realises his mistake and instead of apologising just bumps her to me.

What could I do? I explained to her that my boss was a complete *** but our product was very good and I would make sure that she dealt with me rather than him from then on. Then we shared some stories about sexcist bosses and we had her as a customer from then until 'the ***' crashed the company.

It may not have been diplomatic but it got the sale.

When someone is negative and defensive agreeing with them about one thing gets them flexible again, then you go reintroduce the product in a better context. - by rattitude
I've worked in customer service for over five years.

It's typical to have customers calling in again and again not getting taken care of. Sometimes the problem is so simple to solve that it makes me wonder what went on with the other reps. As a basic, you should always review an account thoroughly which often helps towards a solution.

Few referrals though, but for me I've often sold after fixing the problem which I suppose is thanks enough. - by Wonderboy
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