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Does anyone use tournaments as a way to gain potential customers? Back when I worked in the Newspaper Industry, we use to create brand awareness by inviting our potential customers & advertisers out for a day of golf. It really was a hit and our advertising & circulation revenue went up considerably. - by wlctrent
I've gone to a few of those kind of golf tournaments. I liked them. We had food, fun and learned a little. It had to have been good for the host's popularity because everyone that I was with left feeling pretty chummy. - by Bulldog
I've been to a few of those myself put together by mortgage lenders. These are great for customer loyalty. I don't know how good this idea would be for gaining new customers. :dun - by AZBroker
I had done that trick once when we were selling sports tools , we organised a tournament and gave away lots of sports gears for free and prizes and that brought some good customers - by mtajim
A low cost game competition can be 'Sudoku' where you can even involve almost all present. You can even conduct one exclusively for seniors as it's said to help fight dementia, one for kids, etc.

Geostar Publishing & Services LLC, USA (of which I'm the CEO) can sponsor free material to conduct the competition and even free prizes (not physical, but digital). If you conduct it as a Charity Show, you'll get an even better publicity. The costs are negligible.

You can even organize a Sudoku training session before/ after the event.

Ganesan. - by ezynes
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