Now were do I begin? I've got a decent product or two (own designs in the security industry, electronics) and I believe in em however to go out and sell the products is a paralyzing (Literally) thought. I do know there is a need for it cause the stats show it. Please enlighten me on methods on how to prevent fainting before doing a call. Is it a motivation problem?

(English not my first Language) - by Hungry
Hungry, what is it about the idea of going out and selling the product that troubles you? Is it the fear of rejection, failure, etc.? - by Agent Smith
Agent Smith, it seems like it is (fear of rejection, failure). I know I need to overcome it because it could contribute to my demise (16 reasons why sales people fail, Tim Conner). I know more or less the target market however I need to work on a few things because I feel naked when I enter a potentials customer's place of work. Self confidence issues? Not sure. It would feel better having a decent script I would guess.

Selling a product were truck owners could see (on PC or Cell Phone) who is in there trucks @ any time. They want to know because "illegal" passengers pay to ride with and it causes them some legal headaches in the event of an accident and basically because it is not a taxi service.

The other product is a vehicle security system based on GSM tech. All known products in the car security industry where I am staying do not work. Designed a system where should somebody take your car you would know about it in seven seconds irrespective where you are in the world. Your car will phone you on your cell. Ones you received the call you phone it back and by doing so you immobilise it. Could see on the phone were your car is.

Please be so kind to help with a decent script. PLEASE. - by Hungry

many small business owners face your same dilemna. You do some marketing, but now (Yikes!) you have to go out and talk to people.
Best advice I have is think of having a conversation. During this conversation, you need to ask some questions to see what kind of problems they might be having. Problems lead
Hopefully, the solution is your product.

Best of luck

Susan - by susana

When you decided to actually follow through on the designs and really make a product to sell, you must have had an account or two in mind. I would think that you had gotten enough positive feedback that it motivated you to folow through and take action.

I would go to those accounts first, as they are most likely to buy. Talk to them honestly, tell them about how motivated you were to make a difeerence in thier organization, tell them how passionate you were and here is the result, and DON"T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR THE ORDER.

One of the biggest problems I've seen in sales people is that they have a great story, they are real motivators, totally passionate, but a scared to death to simply ask for the order. It's paralizing yet soo simple. When the time is right, when you see buying signals such as "how much again?", or "can you get me one by Tuesday?", or even simple "yes" nod's as you talk. ASK!!!!! "So, would you like one?", "How many would you like?", "I can have one here by next week, wold that work for you?", "what steps do you need to take to go throgh with an order?", and so on.......

You will find after a while that it become so natural and exciting that you'll be biting your lip PREVENTING yourself from asking for an order to soon!!..

Have fun, do great thngs and remember the little people!!!

Tom - by TommyMac5
Guys and Girls, this is such nice info. Thank you susana and TommyMac5. Any ideas on a nice intro pertaining to a script. Me like running bull, one problem, donno were to run to ;-) - by Hungry
Tell us what it is you do/sell my friend..... - by TommyMac5
Please be so kind to help with a decent script.
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