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How to start selling industrial parts

I'm selling an industrial part that is used primarily as a replacement/maintenance item. When cold calling, a lot of people do not recognise it by it's name but will recognise it when they see one. That makes cold calling extremely ineffective. I'm consider mass faxing as a solution as that would allow me to put in pictures but am not sure of the hit rate.

How should I go about doing this as this is a new business.

Thanks - by legan

Your first post. Welcome to the forum.

Your post really has 2 parts. The first mentions cold calling. The second is in regard to how to get your product in front of more people.

As to the first part. You say they do not recognize the name but recognize it when they see it. Is the name the brand name or the actual name of the item? Without knowing which it will be a little tougher to help you.

Second part. How to get it in front of more people. I am a firm believer that mass faxing is more of an irritant than a help. I would consider an alternative.

Before I offer one though, more info would help. Is the product something new to the market? You mention this is a new business. New to the area or a business that represents a new product?

Looking forward to helping you if I can. Best of luck in your selling efforts. - by Masteri5
Hi Masteri5,

The name is the actual name of the item I am selling, not the brand. When calling, I'll say I'm selling screws (for example), and the "gatekeeper" wouldn't know what it is and says that they don't use it there. My product is essentially aimed at the replacement market and when they have a few pieces that's faulty, they can buy replacements from me instead of going back to the Original supplier. That creates another problem as they only look for these products when it breaks down.

There are 2~3 MNCs that are selling similar products at very high prices and they typically do not service the replacement market. I'm starting this new product and aiming at this market. - by legan

I am going to step away from selling for a moment and talk about problem solving. You have a problem so let's try to solve it. Most people think that means "identify the problem, find a solution". What they forget is the important thing in between those two which is "find out what is causing the problem".

Now, back to your situation. Your original post said "people do not recognise it by it's name but will recognise it when they see one."

What may be causing your problem here might be as simple as presenting it in another fashion. If they do not recognize the name start from a different angle. Instead of saying, "I sell the thing you don't know by name"... try "You folks have a (name of the machine the part is designed for) and I supply high quality, low cost replacement parts. Who is the person who is responsible for purchasing parts for your (name of machine) ?

Not only might this solve the dilemma you mention in your original post it will help get past the "gatekeeper" you mentioned in your second post.

I am not familiar with the term MNC that you use.

Hope this is helpful. Best wishes in your selling efforts. - by Masteri5
what about checking out trade shows?..or sending letters and brochures to different places that would require what you are selling..? (im not too sure what exactly it is..) - by rox2006
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