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Sales Success/Motivation Podcasts?

Hello All,

Glad to find this forum. Has anyone found any useful podcasts on keeping motivated and a positive attitude for sales?

I'm thinking of developing a weekly podcast of positive affirmations for keeping salespeople like us feeling optimistic and motivated.


Netjab - by netjab
I haven't looked for any podcasts myself. Did you try a search on Google? - by AZBroker
Yes, I did some Google searches but only came up with radio-like programs with tips & techniques, etc (ie "smile when you are on the phone with people").

I am seeking to create more of a mental training audio. - by netjab
That's an interesting idea netjab. Maybe we should add a Podcast Archive to our Resource Collection. Hmmm... - by Jeff Blackwell
I have seen and downloaded free sales related Podcasts on itunes. The couple I listened too, were not really motivating. Generally they are placed up there by people looking to either sell additional services(not that there's anything wrong with that) or they are looking to jump start a career in motivational speaking. I'll keep looking and let you know if I come across a good one. - by mcrtdx
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