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Want to be a sales person for life?

I am curious as to how people see sales. I was in sales for various companies for 10 years or so but am now phasing out of it as I have completed my education and am entering another profession.

Do most people here aspire to be a salesperson for a full career or just came into it for a while and eventually see themselves either in a management role or another career? - by theglyphon
Sales is a career choice for me. I wouldn't have it any other way. ;sm - by AZBroker
Sales is definately a career choice for me. I have been in other functions in the past and none were as satisfying as sales. - by jrdickens
Avon sales is definitely a second career choice for me. I spent most of my life as a mom and homemaker. Sometimes I worked part time as a secretary. This is a lot of fun! - by ozzie
I find sales to be both fun and rewarding, so i'm in it as a career. - by RyanJ
When some kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up they say an Astronaut or a Doctor or an Athlete. I said "Salesman". ;co - by SalesGuy
Definitely a career. What I find interesting are the number of people who "try" sales until "something better comes along."

As regards your comment about moving into management. What most managers in sales organizations lose sight of is they are still salespeople. They are selling to a different audience, that being their sales force.

I have found nothing better to provide the income and lifestyle afforded by being a professional salesperson. - by Masteri5
Question: do I really need to become familiar with the company and its people to sell the product?
I think you should believe in your company and the product to be the most effective you can be. Letting the owner know that you'd like to get a feel for the company and what goes on shouldn't cause to much of a challenge and if it does what would that tell you? - by Houston
You Need To Feel Content In What You Are Doing Or Your Success Will Be Short Lived. It Is Vital That You Get To Know The Company You Are To Represent And The Product Is One You Believe In. It Is One Thing To Be Able To Sell But You Have A Duty Of Care To Make Sure You Are Happy With The Service The Product Will Deliver To Your Customer. - by Carten
Your responses have reassured me that my own personal values are on track with my general business values.

I will sit down with the owner and see what happens.

Thanks again and Take Care - by kuana
Hi Kuana: All the responses to your questions were good advice. The people on this forum know what they are talking about.

You must know that the company your are going to work for provides top-notch, professional service. If you don't believe in the quality of service you are selling you are wasting your valuable time.

If the owner of this company is genuinely committed to providing a valuable service he will have no problem letting you talk with the technicians, watching them work, and he should also provide you with testimonials from past customers. He should at least let you speak with some. If he hedges on this I would advise you to forget working with this owner. You will only damage your personal reputation by selling a 'shoddy' service.

But if the technicians are dedicated to providing quality repairs, and the owner is concerned with providing great customer service, you have an excellent product to market. One you can believe in. And windshield repair is a huge market with plenty of opportunity. It's competitive, but what isn't nowdays?

You're going to have to do some 'grunt' work to get this going. In other words, you will have to physically call on new car dealerships, used car lots, and auto insurance companies in person. You should work out a 'deal' with the owner that allows you to offer a FREE windshield repair to the large dealerships, to show the quality of your technicians work. By giving one FREE repair (at the owner's expense) you could secure an on-going account that would provide both you and the owner a steady stream of repeat business. And business people don't normally turn down anything 'FREE.'

I have a saying that worked for me as a young salesperson and I advise you to follow it..."put your belly-button directly in front of 20 other belly-buttons per day." Tell them about the benefits of your product/service, not the features. Show them how it will benefit their personal business (not yours) to use your product/service. If you 'belly-button' enough people you will find success. Make those 20 sales calls, not 19, per day and you will get business.

Hope this works out for you Kuana. If not, you can email me at coachdoug60@comcast.net and I would be happy to help you find a product/service you would enjoy marketing... - by Dougd55
If you really think about it, is there a career where selling to one extent or another is not involved?

Something to ponder............

All the best,

Salespro - by salespro
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