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How do you let go / delegate

Having built a small company into a small but growing company, I may soon be faced with the position where I'll have to let go of the sales function on a regular basis. I'd hire someone who does nothing but sales.

But here's the thing... I've not only grown very fond of selling, I feel I've captured the essence of it for my particular market. It won't be fair for me to constantly be on the back of whoever I eventually hire... However, how do I let go, and delegate this important aspect of my business to someone else.

Has anyone faced something like this? Any words of advice for me?

- Coda - by Coda1108

First, do not expect them to have your work ethic. All people are not created equally. Most donít have your talent and desire. The desire in you is what drives your work habits.

As you interview for potential salespeople think about their characteristics from the viewpoint of your customers. Are they someone you would have to your home for dinner? Do they show a willingness to provide service? Will your customers see them as an extension of you?

Hiring the wrong people is costly. Best of luck. - by Masteri5
Great advice, Master... thank you very much. - by Coda1108
Why not keep the sales function as your domain and turn over some other part of the business such as operations and/or accounting to someone else?

I can think of few activities in ANY company more inportant than sales. The best ops people or accountants in the world are useless if they have nothing to do because the sales function has been farmed out and neglected. - by jrdickens
Thanks, JR... and I definitely have thought of doing that. However, the core of my business is a bit of a specific niche... a specialty, if you will. If there's one part that I really need to keep a tight hold on, it's the core service that we provide.

I'll still be active with customers, etc. but leave a lot of the sales leg work to someone else.

But I assure you, I do appreciate your comment and have certainly considered it long and hard, on many a near-sleepless night. - by Coda1108
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