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Cold Calling (telephone) Pros and Cons

Lets build a list of the pros and cons of prospecting by telephone. I'll start with...

  • Reach - Not limited geographically.
  • Volume - You can contact a large pool of prospects in a relatively short period of time.
  • Easy to get rid of the caller by hanging up.
  • Do Not Call Registry.
- by AZBroker
Pro: If you have good scripts you can train other people to set appointments for you.

Con: A lot of people don't like telemarketing and don't give you a fair shake. - by SpeedRacer

Unlike advertising, mailshots, trade shows, etc, cold calling is the ONLY form of marketing that guarantees you a two-way conversation with target prospects YOU choose to go after.


Unless you do it right, that two-way conversation might only get you as far as "we're not interested" <click-brrrrrr>. And it's difficult, especially if it's not something you do on a regular basis. So you need a strong approach.

Mike - by Mike_CCP
Active - You don't have to sit around passively waiting for the phone to ring you can go out and drum up your own business.

Timing - You don't know if they are going to be home to take your call.
Screening - The prospect can screen your calls with an answering machine. - by Mustang
Here are some common problems associated with cold calling:
  • Call reluctance
  • Call to contact rates
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • Getting calls returned
  • Securing a qualified appointment
  • Hit and miss timing
  • Rejection rates
- by Houston
Con: It's hard to come up with a compelling opening (first sentence) to grab someone's attention so they want to keep listening.

Susan - by susana
IMHO Pros:

You can cover a lot of territory quickly
Sales process is quicker - no wasted time on unecessary meetings
You can find out what works for your market quickly - good feedback

Cold call reluctance - Fear of failure/ rejection whatever
Some prospects prefer to meet to conclude a deal - by Julian
Pros: Cost of contact compared to in-person or mail.

Cons: Negative associations about telemarketers. - by Seth
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