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Using MySpace to market

I helped a friend of mine out with a project he was working on, trying to reach a young adult audience for promoting a young adult novel his company was publishing. There was already one book published, and another was on its way. One thing I did was create a MySpace page for his venture. I then made MySpace "Friends" with people who seemed to have an interest similar to that of the books. The idea was that when the second book is released, there will be an interested group of people on MySpace to which an offer can be made, something like free shipping.

Lo and Behold, a few weeks after I started building the "Friends" a number of books were sold through various on-line sites! And this is before the second book is even being released! Based on this, he might even create an e-book that will appeal to an on-line audience for the first book.

Has anyone else managed to use MySpace, or some similar site to generate sales, or at least some interest potentially leading to sales? - by Coda1108
I know of someone who has a myspace presence to promote his Reggae music.

He's a producer, and I'm not sure that his product is available in any format yet, but he's made some money or traded services for helping other people set up their page on myspace. - by Ricardo
I started a myspace account just for that, and i'm in the car business. I got on and sent an email and friend request to people in my market area. Havent made any sales from it yet but did get some people who I know will buy from me eventually. Any way of getting your name out there is good. - by RyanJ
I have made sales because of myspace. i'n in the handphones unit and it's accessories. So far business doing good nowadays. Hope it will last long period of time. - by shinningstar
Myspace is great for a certain type of youth market and creative endeavors. But you need to think of your overall brand. Serious professional who deal a lot with conservative older people IMHO make a big mistake in diving into myspace. I saw a politician page once where the visitors comments were mocking him in terms he misinterpreted so he didn't even know it was a dis. That moves you from tapping into a demographic tojust looking like a fool in public. - by theglyphon
By all means, MySpace only works for the target demo. I've only used it for the product geared toward the young adult market. - by Coda1108
I have just started using MySpace to advertise my Avon Website. I haven't gotten any sales from it yet. I think young and older women enjoy Avon. The younger ones like the newer Mark products which I also sell. - by ozzie
Hmm. I've always seen Avon as an older demographic and more for in-person sales. That's the value Avon adds over cheaper comparable products. :hu - by theglyphon
Do you think that myspace is holding its place well on the Internet?

I've heard some bad press about it in the last few months concerning improper attention to minors. - by Ricardo
There has always been that sort of problem with youth-oriented online sites. But myspace is holding on and I think expanding well into other demographics. The artistic community is really starting to network through myspace a lot. ut there is still a lot to be said for other sites like facebook for the umndergrad mrket of livejournal for a wider range of people and certain niche hobby groups. - by theglyphon
Hmm. I've always seen Avon as an older demographic and more for in-person sales. That's the value Avon adds over cheaper comparable products. :hu
I thought the same thing until recently. Now they have websites for all their representatives (for a fee) They also offer an online Personal Beauty Profile program which is a great way to find out which products will work best for you.

One on one locally is still a very valuable part of a representatives sales but we do well online also. - by ozzie
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