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M.A.D.D. Campaign Problems

There was a Toronto newspaper article that reported only about 20% of the money raised for Mothers Against Drunk Driving actually went to the cause, while the rest was used to pay telemarketers.

In defense of this, a spokesman pointed out that the calls also increase awareness of the organization.

I was wondering your thoughts on the effect on fund-raising and telemarketing in general in light of the M.A.D.D. problem? - by Ricardo
Widespread bad publicity could really damage fund-raising efforts. The Red Cross received a batch of bad publicity a few years ago, I don't remember why but I do remember thinking that I wouldn't be someone who was contributing to the problem. - by Houston
Bad publicity should be avoided by institutions who needs financial help from the people. If ever people heard a bad publicity about your organization, you'll surely lost their trust. Ant it affescts the fund-raising campaign. - by shinningstar
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