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Social clubs, lodges, etc... a tried and true lead-builder

As I've been reading through some posts, it reminded me of an old standby that has never been at a loss for generating some good leads. Most every town has social clubs such as Rotary Club; Lions Club; Knights of Columbus; Moose Lodge; etc. These organizations do good things for the community, and also have regular meetings.

Sure, one can join some of these organizations, and that's great, so long as you're not doing it just to get something out of it.... Only join if you sincerely wish to be a part of the organization. However, even without being a permanent active member, many of these organizations welcome speakers to their regular meetings. So if you feel you might be able to impart some knowledge to members of your community as an expert in your field, there's no reason they wouldn't welcome you to speak. In doing so, you're presenting yourself as an expert in your field. Have plenty of business cards on hand, and you'll probably find a number of people who feel they might be able to use whatever it is you do in the relatively near future.

Has anyone out there done this? - by Coda1108
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