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I know we shouldn't judge people by their appearances but we often form an opinion about them from their appearance.

I hope that my friends, neighbors and contacts form a good opinion of me since I've started selling Avon Products. As a result of becoming a Representative, I am gradually improving my appearance by using the products I'm selling. I think it is being noticed. My husband and I are definitely noticing it! - by ozzie
Appearance is very important in all business especially if you're selling cosmetic products. The customer will buy your product if they can see the effectiveness in you. - by shinningstar
I know we shouldn't judge people by their appearances but we often form an opinion about them from their appearance.
You can't get around this but you can use it to your advantage by learning what works in your environment and what doesn't. I knew a woman who was extremely good looking and sometimes her looks caused her problems when selling to insecure or jealous wives. The husbands never seemed to have a problem with it though. :re - by Calvin
I will be selling to women mostly with the Avon Company. I don't think I'll have to worry too much about someone being jealous because of my age and gray hair. ;sm I can see how it could be a problem for some people. - by ozzie
I guess there's nothing wrong with that Ozzie. The most important is your dedication of your job. We really can't pleased evrybody. - by shinningstar
If your appearance detracts or distracts in any way that is a problem but you don't have to look like a million bucks to sell most products or services. - by SpeedRacer
I believe it is best to ASSUME that EVERYONE IS SUPERFICIAL, even if it is not the total truth.;wi The only reason I say this, is if you come accross a client with a meticulous grooming regiment...then the chances are, that you will recieve a greater amount of respect and acceptance in your client's eyes if you reflect the same values.;bg

Prepare for the worst ALL the time...and you will ALWAYS get the BEST!:thu

David - by truesaxman

You really can't help but pre-judge, it's human nature. The key thing as a sales person is not to act on your assumptions. Customers however don't work the same way and often do act on their assumptions, so what you look like, what your body language is like has a big impact. - by marky
I started off my job with ear stretchers, facial hair and longer hair (not heaps long)...

My manager at the time mentioned to me that the best look you can have is a neutral one, one that doesn't offend anyone. Took me a while to understand and she wasn't coming down on me at all. It was a home truth.

People make assumptions all the time based on race, skin tone and features... we all do.

Now I maintain short and well styled hair, cleanly shaven and only a small stud earring which acts more like bling ;bg.

I guess when you come into contact with the customer, you need to chameleon them so despite you looking different, they can still feel comfortable. - by MrCharisma
Years ago, I hear an adage that's stuck with me: you only have one chance to make a first impression.

When you think of it, if you'd gone to that call in a sports jacket and turtle neck only to find the entire customer contingent in 3 piece suits ...

What works is "middle of the road". Don't be under-dressed and don't over-dress. Whatever is current in terms of hair styles, etc.

In fact, when I was at Apple Computer, we'd frequently be asked what the dress-code was by customers coming to a presentation! It isn't inappropriate, if you're not sure, to ask a prospect about the dress-code.

I would never grow a beard while on-the-job but I wouldn't frown on someone with a full beard (assuming it's a male) ... lol!

Good luck & good selling!
Pat - by OUTSource Sales
In the sales industry appearance matters a lot if you are coming in direct contact with consumers. ;sm - by preet
Act As If....You are selling yourself and from first impression appearance can be everything. - by rwilfong
In my case, I'm working with mechanics, so I wear a uniform that looks much like thiers. When I was a journalist, I always tried to fit my "look" to the person I was interviewing. Basically the same or one step down from what the source was wearing.

This seems good advice for sales as well.

Pat - by toolguy_35
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