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Personal Inspiration

Who's your inspiration of working hard?
In my opinion, to be successful is to have 90% concentration and 10% inspiration. My family is my inspiration inorder to reach my goal. - by shinningstar
As a child I worked for a farmer/market trader who paid me 10 cents for killing and plucking [feather pulling] chickens, then cleaning their insides out. I killed about 100 chickens a week and hand plucked each one of them, we got 15 cents for a goose, and 20 cents for a turkey. Rabbits we had to do free because there was no real work involved. I learnt early that $10 in your hand, beat all other forms of pursuasion.

I was inspired by Edison, Emile Zola, Churchill, Edith Piaf, Paul Robeson, George and Ira Gershwin, Robert Oppenheimer, General Groves, but the $10 is what got me out of bed, and to work. - by Incidentally
I like what I do and look forward to it. If work is anything you're doing when you'd rather be doing something else then I don't work. ;wi - by SpeedRacer
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