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Food, Glorious Food - can your body handle it?

During my 15 or so years in professional sales, aside from feeding my mind with positive thoughts, outcomes etc, I have started to develop an interest in how certain foods either help or hinder my body during my busy day to day sales schedule.

Many of books have been written about the importance of good general nourishment, but little has been written about the best foods for our high-tempo sales profession.

What are your favourite, energy-giving foods and why?

To start the discussion, some of mine are somewhat mundane: Potatoes and Pasta for renewed energy, Salads for detox and balance, plenty of water for re-hydration and concerntration and Pulses for protein.

Your thoughts please.... - by Tonyd
What are "Pulses" Tonyd? - by AZBroker
Pulses are small bean-like things like lentils and peas (I think?).

When I am basically in the office selling I steer well clear of high energy foods as I was soon be broader than I am tall. I do go for things that help keep me alert. I find orange juice with raw ginger chaved into it can be a great pick me up without contiaining enough sugar to climb Mount Everest.

Other than that I favor foods that go the distance like oatmeal so I don't get distracted by hunger. I avoid over-snacking because I think it can look very unprofessional.

Out on the road or forecourt I would carry a little water with lime or lemon juice in it--but not too much and not coffee or pop as it means you keeping having to break off to dash to the toilet ;) - by theglyphon
I drink a lot of water usually from a bottle. I almost live on energy drinks (xenergy by Xyience) and protein bars (low/no sugar). - by Houston
Pulses are small bean-like things like lentils and peas (I think?).
No beans for me please. :gre

I avoid the caffeine-sugar cycle at ALL costs.

A small snack in the morning like toast and jelly or a bowl of cereal works good for me. A small to medium lunch with carbs and protein keeps me going without dragging me down.

I get crazy headaches when I don't get enough water so water is important for me. - by AZBroker
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