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What floats your boat?

The sales profession can be unforgiving - you get nowt for coming second, being tarnished by others bad practices, often much activity for little reward, bad times of the year, targets that appear like Mount Everest....and then there's paying the mortgage, providing for your family and maintaining self confidence and self respect when you would sometimes rather walk away and go and have Pizza....

So, on a positive note - what floats your boat when troubles hit?
What makes you make that next call or attend the next presentation when you don't feel like it?

Afterall, we are creates of habit and emotion and no career can depend on both as much as the sales profession.

Whats your bottom line - the real crux of who and what you are when it comes to picking yourself up (again), dusting yourself off (again) and moving ahead?

For the record, mine is based on 1) Following through with prospects to ensure they know I have offered real quality, 2) My family and knowing that the harder (and smarter) I work the luckier I get and the more I can offer them and lastly 3) Knowing that what I do (IT Sales) really does make a difference to businesses. - by Tonyd
Life for me is like a wheel. Sometimes your upside position, sometimes your down. But the most important for me is never give up. Try and try until you succeed. I may fall down many times but I'll never quit trying to stand again. In sales profession, strong determination is my priority. - by shinningstar
I think that the saying applies about not getting too high during the high points, and not getting too low during the low points.

I sometimes get inspiration at depressing times by remembering past successes. I have a couple little cards and mementos from good times closeby. - by Ricardo
About a week ago, after the ice storm, I was down and considered quitting. I thought about it a while and realized this job is something I really want to do and do well, eventually. So I guess wanting it badly is what floats my boat. ;sm - by ozzie
So, on a positive note - what floats your boat when troubles hit? What makes you make that next call or attend the next presentation when you don't feel like it?
Good question. Sometimes I feel such burnout and wonder why I continue but find that I soon *am* back at the helm. I think what most floats my boat is remembering back to when times were really *really* lean and knowing that if I don't continue doing what I'm doing now, I could be facing that again. Right now I wouldn't need to work so hard... but fear of the future if I don't "feather the nest" now is a great motivator. - by destiny
If you view the world as an abundent place and that your job is to uncover needs or problems then it's easy to stay positive.

If you try to convince when you haven't uncovered a need or problem then you are open to rejection.

Change your platform to UNCOVER and move away from convince or close.....

If you make your first ambition every day to UNCOVER, your results and career will be sitting on a solid foundation and be ready for further development. You’ll learn faster and become more dynamic. You’ll put yourself in a position to take advantage of any opportunities for achievement and advancement that come your way. - by Tony Dunne
Knowing that success at my own business means having the freedom of lifestyle I desire. It's a great, great motivator!!!! - by Coda1108
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