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What is 'approach'?

Approach is like meet-n-greet right? - by Thomas
How do you mean?, use it in a sentence. - by TommyMac5
How do you mean?, use it in a sentence.
The 'sales approach" area says - Sales Approach: The initial stage in a sales call. Gaining the prospect's attention, holding his/her interest, and securing approval to ask questions.

This looks like 'meet-n-greet':

Me: Hello, how can I be of help?
You: We want to talk with someone about buying a home.
Me: Great. Come on over. My name is Tom. What is your name?
You: I'm Bob. This is Sally.
Me: Nice to meet you. You said you wanted to talk about buying a home. May I ask you a few questions to get an idea of what you are looking for? - by Thomas
"Initial Contact" or "Meet and Greet" does fall under "Approach". - by AZBroker
"Initial Contact" or "Meet and Greet" does fall under "Approach".
Thank you AZ. - by Thomas
I see him all the time at the donut shop where I get coffee before going to my day sales job. We finally met the other day and discovered we shared something in common; were both salesmen. No its not a gay love story, but a true story about sales approach. We only spoke briefly, but quickly saw potential prospect in the other (or at least I thought at the time); I have recently started a small sales consultation business and saw him as a potential agent or buyer, and where he is in the mortgage and finance business and saw me as a potential agent or buyer. I know this because we talked about it. The report was great considering the meeting was not planned, a little small talk, a little shop talk, we made eye contact while speaking, shook hands, exchanged contact info, good report. We therefore made plans to keep in touch as I had to cut the meeting short to go to my day job as a sales rep.
He calls me today and asks me if I could meet with him in his office which coincidentally was just right down the street from my sales job. I was a little leery because he was not as forthright with his motives as I felt I was about mine. He wanted to discuss the details of what he was selling at the meeting and I wanted to sell him or his company a sales consultation package with a sales script. It should have been his first clue that I am a get-to-the-point type of buyer; I assume most prospects to be an impulse buyer unless they ask me to get to the point, or I know them to be in sales, where I then assume they are get-to-the-point prospects like me. (Please do not confuse buying quickly with impulse buying or get-to-the-point buying; they each have their own meaning). I agreed to meet after work, although I knew then that I was not getting into the finance sales business through him, I still saw him as someone in need of sales consultation.
Sure enough, when I get their and sat in his office, his pitch was much more important than mine, but was quite frustrating to me when I was asking how do I get started with no straightforward answer or point. I hope you now feel my frustration; Im getting to the point now. Finally after twenty minutes of his BS, I finally get that he wants me to invest in a pyramid scheme. Well he did not word it that way; he wanted me to become licensed, sell finances, invest in my future, recruit others and with hard work have agents and then groups of agents under me, etc, etc. He still did not recognize that I am a get-to-the-point buyer and probable not a good prospect for what he was offering. I saw more of a need in him of my sales consultation and script writing services, and so I tried not to show my frustration with his BS sales approach. I told him his pitch was bad for the type of buyer that I am, and suggested he could use a brand new sales approach script.
Neither one of us bought anything from the other, but he did call me a moment after the meeting to apologize for wasting my time. He then thanked me for teaching him so much about sales in such a short time period, and told me he would give my flyer and card to his boss with a strong recommendation. The initial approach of meet and greet was great. The sales approach over the phone pre-meeting conversation is where he lost his sales approach with me. With this in mind I went to the meeting because I did not want to lose a sales approach with him. Sales approach is something a salesperson does all throughout a sale, and after the sale. Sales approach is something you do with every contact anytime you are in contact. That is just my professional opinion. Are there any other examples of a sales approach that is not just meet and greet? - by John-F
I haven't figured out what you mean yet by approach. Is there something you do for approach? - by Thomas
My view of sales "Approach" is that it represents the strategies and methods you employ to gain a favorable audience with a prospect. - by Liberty
It sounds to me like approach is the method you use to first make contact with a prospective customer.

Some of my customers are people who I've been friends with for years. When I first spoke to them about my job and my products is what I think would be the "approach". - by ozzie
I haven't figured out what you mean yet by approach. Is there something you do for approach?
I'd be interested in hearing more about what you mean by "approach" John-F. - by Houston
Approach for me simply means making follow-ups inorder to create a desired result. And in business, honesty is best in sales approach. - by shinningstar
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