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Publications: Thrify Ads

I just came back from the grocery store and noticed quite a few different "thrift ad" publications like "Nifty Nickle, etc."

Does anyone really read those things? - by Newbie
Does anyone really read those things?
I've never had use for those but I imagine that certain items do better with this type of publication than others.

For instance, "furniture, appliances, etc." - by AZBroker
Man, I sure hope so! I sell the advertising in this kind of paper. Usually, people who pick up these types of papers are truly motivated buyers who are actually looking to purchase something. So when they are picked up they truly work. We distribute 87,000 papers a week only 5% come back to us. We also use call source numbers to track response. Most of our clients see around 100 extra calls per week or more. So yeah, I'd say they do. Of course, I might be partial. - by staceylee
I think some of these publications can work and it is usually pretty cost effective way of advertising. You should target your audience however. If you have a used car lot you should be in the Auto Trader, etc. I also think coupons would be a good thing to try there. If you can back it up with some radio or local TV it will be twice a strong by telling them to look for your ad in the trader for extra savings. - by MPrince
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