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People buy for their reasons - how to close!

Hey all James here.

I am not a master seller but I have structured and closed deals since 1980 had here is my take on it. I was trained in mechanical engineering, business administration and philosophy and I have more or less worked for myself since 1980.

How to close a sale could fill a book - many books have been written on the subject and this is not an attempt to cover a complicated subject in 1000 words or less. These are just some key elements that I use to close sales.

The most profound system that I have discovered was the Sandler sales system. I was already doing much of what the Sandler sales system taught when I discovered a more formal method and underwent some additional training.

A sale is based on understanding human nature - understanding a personís motivations and reasons for buying.

Key elements -

People will buy for their own reasons, not yours.

Nobody wants to be "gotten".

No prospect wants to be talked into or convinced of anything.

Go for "No" several times. Have the prospect tell you they are not interested then turn it around on them. Begin with "So now that it is over, I was wondering what would have gotten your interest in X product?"

You must have your prospect use their own reasons and data to convince you that they qualify as a customer and deserve your product or service.

You have the cookie and the milk, not them!

No company or person wants to spend money, even if it will benefit them; they all want something for nothing.

Your prospect must close the deal not you.

NEVER ask for the sale! Have the prospect ask to buy!

People should lead themselves to your conclusion using their own data.

People will not argue with their own data.

You never need the sale, even if you think you do.

Act as if
Act as if you have XXX million in liquid net worth
Act as if you do not need any sale
Act as if you do not need to work but you want to work for fun

This may be counter intuitive to "ABC" (always be closing) and just about every other sales methodology out there but to me it makes perfect sense.

You are most likely thinking - what is this guy talking about and where is he coming from?

I want you all to think of several people -

Socrates the ancient Greek philosopher and his Socratic method of questioning

The character played Peter Faulk in the 70's - Columbo

An independently wealthy person

The village idiot

Key elements here -

Answer questions for your prospect but try to do it with a question. Your goal is to find out what motivates a prospect to buy and have them ask for the purchase. Closing a sale is not about forcing a purchase down a prospects throat.

Columbo always let the suspect think that they were smarter then he was so that they never saw him coming. He would ask questions in a non-threatening manner and he would put them at ease. When the suspect had lowered all of their defenses he would throw in one last question, almost as an after thought. "Oh, by the way..."

If you have a mental image of yourself as not needing the sale you will relieve a lot of the pressure that you, sales managers or quotas can bring.

Appear to be less threatening than the prospect in order to put them at ease. Let people think they have an advantage on you to lower their defenses. You have to keep lowering their defenses and when you take it to "No" that should be the last defense and you can begin asking the questions that will lead people to buy.

Your goal as a sales person is to obtain knowledge and understanding so as to lead the prospect to a buying conclusion usig their own data and their own reasons. Sales is not about features and benefits. - by JamesBlack
Those are some great points James.

This may be counter intuitive to "ABC" (always be closing) and just about every other sales methodology out there but to me it makes perfect sense.
What may be counter intuitive? - by AZBroker
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