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advertising in local zines..

ive contacted 3 local zines in my city,,that relate to my product that im selling, (indie clothing)..and i am having a bit of luck!

zines are really cheap..and again, it depends what kind of business you are in..

another good idea, is to advertise in magazines that are related to your product. (for example, put your advertisement for your aquariums in pet magazines..or whatever... ) - by rox2006
What criteria do you set for evaluating these zines? - by SalesGuy
well. i try to make sure that the type of readers that read these zines, are my target customers. + it has to be local + semi-known in the city.

not some photocopied picture zine you found in a bus stop.;bl - by rox2006
Its good to advertise your product on local zines , but you should really find out that those zines actually are focused to your target audience - by mtajim
what are zines?:cu

Rita - by Rita_Jo
Must just be the area but for me to advertise in local Zines costs through the roof.?????:dun - by Snowboy
Why pay for advertising? Why not write a killer article about all the HUGE benefits of your product/service and offer it for FREE to the local 'zines' in your area?

These publishers have to consistently come up with valuable content for their 'zines' and you could make their life a little easier by helping them with your expert knowledge and some free articles. I publish my own local newsletter and I'm always looking for 'experts' to add content value to my publication. I value these contributors. They make my life easier.

Offer your help...they will love you...and you will get FREE advertising and brand yourself as the local 'expert.'

p.s. Rita Jo, 'zines' are local publications such as the Chamber of Commerce magazine, local business association publications, neighborhood newsletters, county 'for sale' freebies, real estate or auto mags that you can pick up for FREE in stores, etc... - by Dougd55
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