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get in the community!

make sure to participate in the community related to your product.

make friends and associates with people who can be potential sellers, or buyers. really dive into the world that you are working in. be outgoing and dont stand on the side-lines. - by rox2006
Good advice Rox2006. - by AZBroker
That was a great one.

Getting involved in communities related to our product or service.

Working with your community not only enhances your district but it can lead to big business benefits:

Local customers can be an important source of sales
A good local reputation can easily spread further afield by word of mouth
By improving your local standing, you may find it easier to recruit employees
Some local authorities prefer to award contracts to businesses with a record of community involvement.
Contributions to the community can help generate positive PR

Source: http://www.sussexenterprise.co.uk/viewPage.jsp?id=5536603 - by surya_seo2006
what kind of business are you in surya? - by rox2006
I have send you a personal message Rox. But I'm not sure whether I could reveal my details in the forum. But anyways I'm into marketing - by surya_seo2006
It would be great if you reveal it in the board. Who knows there are are many experts around who can help you. But if it's too personal, you can keep it. - by shinningstar
It is not personal kind of stuff. But I do not know whether I can do such postings here...

I work as a Product Marketing specialist for eGrabber Inc. eGrabber provides data entry automation tools. - by surya_seo2006
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