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meeting with a retailer.. tips?

i need some tips guys.
im planning to meet with several different retailers in the next few weeks/months to see if they would be interested in selling some of my products (clothing).

how do i prepare!!??
im so nervous. - by rox2006
What do you have to offer the retailer? - by AZBroker
What I suggest is this. Don't start off talking about your product, start talking about their business, their store, their customer base, them. People love to talk about themselves, walk the store and look for links to your product.

After that starts to wind down start making connection between their goals, customers, etc and your product. You can even suggest where they might place things in the store. Respond very quickly to any info the give you and connect what they want to what you have. You need to think quick to make this work well but personalization is key!

Particularly indie retailers love people willing to work in with their ideas and plans and even the attempt makes the conversation much warmer and inclines them to give you a little more cooperation. - by theglyphon
Well, it's just a matter of salestalk. You should not get nervous because it tends to lose your concentration. Relax and be cool. You must have good tactics and strategies in convincing the retailers. Discuss to them what are the benefits of such business before promoting your product. Don't forget to meet them with a pleasing personality. - by shinningstar
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