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Is Lead Generation Dying?

Lead Generation is considered as one of the marketing tool online that will always work. With the increased use of internet, users research a lot of information. But the leads that are fradulent are definitely going to waste the client's time.

Will lead generation kill business?

Surya - by surya_seo2006
I think lead generation is developing into a more focused art. With so much out there, a good salesperson needs to qualify where leads are coming from as he or she generates them, instead of generating them from the general population. And yes, I believe this is a direct result of the internet. - by Coda1108
Will lead generation kill business?
Are you asking about "click fraud"? - by SalesGuy
No, not about click fraud. I'm talking about the internet lead generation.

Surya - by surya_seo2006
How do you see Internet lead generation killing business? - by SalesGuy
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