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Sometimes I have the opportunity to purchase small trial size or travel size products and am thinking of doing this as promotional items to insure my customers' loyalty. This would of course be more costly then the regular Avon samples that I already give out. What is your opinion? Would it make a lot of difference? - by ozzie
There are many ways to get customers attention. One way is giving free. I guess nothing to worry of the expenses in giving free items because loyal customers will give you more sales and profit.:thu - by shinningstar
I think your customers would probably appreciate the gifts.

Would they have your contact information on them? - by Ricardo
The gifts wouldn't have my contact information on them because some are pretty small. They all have either brochures, business cards or business card magnets that have my contact information on them.

I guess I'll start collecting small inexpensive items to use as promo gifts. ;sm - by ozzie
What about these other promotional items leads you to think they would be more effective than the samples you're already giving out? - by AZBroker
Only certain products have samples. I can get small items of many other products such as body lotions and hand creams, lip balms and glosses, etc. They even have neat emery boards that would only cost a little more than I pay for samples of lipstick, cologne or make-up. - by ozzie
If you feel the ROI is there I would say go for it. ;) - by AZBroker
I'm not sure if the ROI is there for it. I guess I'll think on it for a while. I may use small promotional items as rewards to my best customers only rather than giving them to many in hopes of increasing my customer base. - by ozzie
I think giving something for free does not hurt , you get more customers and in return increase your sales - by mtajim
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