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Organizational Skills

Can someone give me some examples of organizational skills, please. :o - by Newbie
Well, Newbie none of those BOs (Born Organized) seem to be rushing in to share their secrets with us, so even though I struggle daily with organizational issues, I am discovering, recently, that lack of focus and feeling overwhelmed are 2 factors that are crippling to my productivity. (Read the thread on TO DO lists, there is some good advice there.)

Because I am overwhelmed with work, I tend to jump from thing to thing and at the end of the day, have worked a little bit on a lot of things, but completed nothing. This is a natural tendency that I have to force myself to avoid (when at all possible). It is much better to divide and conquer. Even if I have only 15 minutes, when I focus intently on a single task (and put on blinders to the 500 things calling for my attention), I actually seem to make tangible progress. Not having a game plan for the day (again, the thread on the TO DO lists) can cause me to be lead through the day as events unfold. REacting instead of ACTING (with a purpose).

Frankly, I wish I had a partner (or assistant) who would keep me better organized, but, then again, overcoming our flaws is empowering (however unpleasant). ;) - by RainMaker
In a nutshell, "a place for everything and everything is in its place". - by Jolly Roger
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