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Do You Use Audio Affirmation?

I was wondering if anyone here has used any tapes or discs of spoken word to condition themselves for selling?

How about inspirational music in the style of Nicholas Cage singing opera before work in The Family Man? ;sm - by Ricardo
I listen to audiobooks on success and selling in the gym and in the car. - by AZBroker
I've never used anything such as audio tapes on success, etc.... I'm more a believer in focusing on specific interaction with my prospects / clients.

That's not to say it's not a good technique for some, just not my style.

I have been known to listen to certain music when working on proposals, etc. Not music I would normally listen to for entertainment purposes. Best I've listened to so far has been Rusted Root... Their sound seems to make me more productive. - by Coda1108
I never used things like that for conditioning myself, no. When it comes to music, I don't do that often for inspiration either. I find that I am most inspired when everything is quiet. - by destiny
I haven't used video tapes but I do have some inspirational, motivating dvd's that Avon sent me when I sign on with them. A little of that is helpful but after a while, I've had enough. - by ozzie
The only success cd I have and listen to is Brian Tracy's Psychology of Achievement which I believe I bought from the SalesPractice Marketplace. I highly recommend it. :thu - by BossMan
I remember when I was in school, sometimes the day of an exam I'd start the morning by listening to "Great Day" which was a spiritual adapted as a stage number in the movie "Funny Lady."

I think at the time it had a positive effect. - by Ricardo
Maintaining a positive outlook and affecting people in a positive way has been the foundation of my ability to sell over $80,000/month in professional services.

There are a lot of good audio programs available that keep your attention away from the violence, greed, fear, fraud, destruction, pain, suffering, disease and inhumanity found on mainstream radio programming and most cable-television shows.

Listening to positive programming helps me stay on track. - by Terri
IMO listening in the car or during workouts helps to feed my mind with positive and thought provoking ideas.

Tony Robins is good and for some good old fashioned value based stuff with some humor I find Zig Ziglar good to listen to. - by Tony Dunne
Yes I am a JUNKY when it comes to that stuff. I actually use what some call a mind machine or a light and sound machine;co. I also use it to help me learn certain things. My goal is first thing in the morning, an hour before bed and once during the day. But to be honest it is more like once a day, everytime I am in the car and anytime I wakeup at night and can not sleep, :sl3-4 times a week. - by Jorel
All the time!

One of my all time favorite speakers is a man named Jim Rohn. I've been listening to him for years. In fact, I've worn out cassette tapes that eventually forced me to buy the same recordings I've listened to countless times on cd just so my library wouldn't be without them.

His teachings have brought me to learning of other great speakers and ideas.

The Art of Exceptional Living is where I began.

That was over 10 years ago. I now have a library of several hundreds of books and recordings from various authors.

The day I stop learning is the day I'm in a box. - by bluenote
What can you tell us about the mind machine, i've never heard of that? - by Tony Dunne
Here is a link to the one I use http://www.3pounduniverse.com/MindSpa_Mind_Machine_p/mm3.htm

It is like using hypnosis on yourself. Because lights are strobing and you are hearing tones in the headphones. It works on your subconcios, more than your concious level. After you read about it if you have specific questions feel free to ask me. - by Jorel
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