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sign up at facebook and tell your friends and old highschool buddies about your business...

anything to get the word out!:lo - by rox2006
I think it's one of the good means to promote your business. Old acquaintances are one of the best people to sell your product. - by matefork
How does facebook work? - by Thomas
I would also like to know more about facebook. I've never heard of it before. Do you post your picture there? How do you contact old friends and school mates? Please let us know more. ;sm - by ozzie
So glad I found this thread. Facebook was first formed to get college students to identify with each other. It has now expanded to High School, Geographic Regions, and more recently Companies. It is essentially a form of marketing yourself. You list on it your name, sex, location, relationship status, birthday. Then it gets into more personal things such as your interests, hobbies, education, degrees acquired, favorite movies, books, music. You can post your prior and current work status. You can post and create photobooks and whatnot. It is a good networking resource as it is now going to include not just current students but people in companies and different regions. If you have any more questions feel free to send me a message, I can take a printscreen of my facebook page and show you what it looks like. - by poconnor
Facebook is higly secured , i dont think yo will get much help promoting your business there , its not as myspace or hi5 - by mtajim
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