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Purpose V Goals

In this context Iím not talking about your life purpose, Iím referring here to an idea that we should all have 3 different purposes that we focus on throughout the year.

I personaly focus on these 3 purposes every year and not on individual goals.

In this context goals are more the individual components of achieving your overall purpose. Goals are less motivational because youíre focusing on the less interesting and exciting aspects of achieving your purpose.

IMO, focusing on purpose works better than focusing on goals......... - by Tony Dunne
What does "purpose" and "goals" mean to you? - by Liberty
What does "purpose" and "goals" mean to you?
I believe that purpose is, "To aproach and deal with customers and prospects in a way that if i don't do business with them i won't have been rejected rejected".

Some goals that would help me achieve this would be;
  • Uncover challenges or problems
  • Don't try to convince before we have some trust
  • Walk away if we don't both think we have a good solution
- by Tony Dunne
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