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Loyalty Programs

Does anyone have a few ideas for general "loyalty programs?" - by SpeedRacer
Exclusive: terms or discounts, product previews, points/rewards programs, etc. - by WobblyBox
Design/methodology/approach A general loyalty program planning approach is outlined, designed to build a foundation for a profitable loyalty initiative.

Findings The paper demonstrates the importance of robust customer insights to program planning and its ongoing management; it also challenges the accuracy of the conventional buyer loyalty measurement approach. In particular, the paper highlights the flaws of the dichotomous loyalty classification which makes often unreasonable category purchase requirements assumptions.

Originality/value The alternative to the loyal customers vs brand switchers buyer categorization is offered, which allows customers to be single-brand loyal, multi-brand loyal or brand switchers. An explicit brand buyer loyalty categorization is presented, built around explicit differentiation between repurchase exclusivity and brand loyalty. - by Team Building FL
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