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I think I've tried everything!!!

Hello Board,
I'm faced with a situation. I've been attempting for about a year now to get in touch with a particular individual at a well-known company. The company is a professional sports organization, and that's all the detail I feel comfortable posting.

Anyway, he has a GREAT gatekeeper. My telephone calls and written letters have gone unanswered. I can't find the gentleman's e-mail address anywhere. I've attempted to go through an affiliated organization, and got re-routed.

I'm considering sending a gift of some sort... nothing expensive mind you, as I don't want to seem like a stalker. But something that will get his attention. However before I make that leap, I was wondering if anyone on the board has any ideas.

The "gift" idea worked for me once in the past, however I was able to find out something about the person, and therefore my gift was personal and meaningful. With the particular contact I've been trying to speak with, I can only find out information about his organization, not him personally.

I think because the organization is a professional sports organization, it is high profile and therefore more difficult to approach.

I'd love to hear any ideas. - by Coda1108
Find someone to introduce you to the prospect. A letter of recommendation can open many doors. - by Calvin
Thanks, Calvin. I did attempt to get someone from an affiliated organization to do a telephone introduction, however it got sidetracked before it made it to the person I'm attempting to find.

Perhaps I'll try a different contact and a different method. Perhaps a few existing customers can provide something to me and I can include it in another letter.

Thanks very much! I'll let you know how I proceed. - by Coda1108
Part of the problem is you are so focused on getting to know him (the contact) focus on getting to know the gatekeeper. it doesn't matter how much you know about the contact if you can't talk to him.
Also can you go face to face (to the gatekeeper)?? - by benjamin-benjamin
Excellent point, Benjamin!!! Sometimes we get so caught up with what we plan two steps ahead, we forget the basics... Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Unfortunately, face-to-face would be a plane-ride away. I'm definitely not against making the trip if I set up an appointment, but it's not close enough to drop in... good idea, though. - by Coda1108
in that case, i guess probably the best thing to do is see if you can connect with the gatekeeper. Also depending on how you are feeling on the gatekeeper maybe pitching her and asking her if she sees a value in what you are selling. that will make her feel important and she may go tell the contact what a great idea you have....sorry i am not more of a help it is tough not knowing all the details...good luck and keep me updated... - by benjamin-benjamin
I agree with the advice to get to know the gatekeeper. If you go to the trouble and expense of sending a gift, it may not make it past the gatekeeper and then you will have wasted your efforts. You might even consider a gift for the gatekeeper. ;sm - by ozzie
If this gatekeeper is like other gatekeepers, then he/she probably will go home at 5. And if your decision maker (I am assuming it is a DM), then he/she will probably stay after 5. You should try to place a late call after the gatekeeper has left for the day and see if you can get to this persons voice mail, or maybe he/she will be there and pick up the phone late in the evening. Maybe even on a weekend, so when your contact comes in Monday in the AM they will have a voicemail from you to listen to.

If you are talking to other people in the company, and there is someone that you get along with well, maybe they can give some inside info on how to get in touch with this person.

Will be happy to brainstorm with you... let me know how this works out. - by MarkS
Thanks for the additional advice, Mark and others.
An update... I attempted to use one of my local contacts who knows someone in the organization I'm trying to reach. 2 were dead-ends in that I already took the route suggested. One other seems like it might help a bit, but only in the sense of information gathering.

I have a couple of trips planned this month, and between them I'm going to work on the gatekeeper a bit more. - by Coda1108
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