Top Tips?

If you where going to give a new sales person one piece of advise, what would that be? - by Tony Dunne
Know your product, and know how it benefits your target customer base. - by Coda1108
My advice is learn how to find the people who want to buy your service right now. - by Slick
Invest at least 1 hour a week set aside to make you successful. Reading a sales book, working on public speaking, join a networking group, etc. It is the people that do the little extra things that end up being successful… - by benjamin-benjamin
If you where going to give a new sales person one piece of advise, what would that be?
Want to succeed at sales and you're halfway there. I know that when I get discouraged, my desire to be successful kicks back in and I am once again on the road to being successful. - by ozzie
Good advise, how about;

If you study successful sales people youíll find that without exception, the first thing they developed was an abundance of ambition and determination to succeed. - by Tony Dunne
If you want to succeed at sales, my one piece of advice to a newcomer would be a small list;

1. Get organized; make lists everyday (besides it feels great to cross the things off as you do them) Get a day planner and use it. Get a good hardbound notebook and keep notes on you customers. Keep your desk neat.

2. Learn how to look things up; Everybody concentrates on becoming knowledgeable. Itís a great idea of course, but itís very hard to know most of anything much less everything about your products. If you learn how to get the information fast, youíll look much better to your customer.

3. Get a great attitude; We canít necessarily affect the things that happen to us, but we can affect how we react to those things as they happen. The way we react is all about our attitude. Get a good one, or get out of sales!

4. Get the right appearance; You donít want to over or under dress, but you always want to look right in front of your customer!

5. Learn, learn, learn; Read something about sales, salesmanship, organization, attitude, etc. every day!

Wear the right hat! In the end, salesmanship is about selflessness. You need to be selfless to build a good, solid relationship with your customer. You need to be selfless so you can add value to your customerís business or life so your customer can see that you represent more than just some product or serve. If you are in sales for selfish reasons you might make it for a while, but sooner or later your customers will see through you.

Bill - by Bill_Kistner
If you where going to give a new sales person one piece of advise, what would that be?

Make an effort to listen to your customers as much as you can. Listening creates likeability and also helps you really understand what's going on in their world.

Susan - by susana
Great ideas, thanks guys. - by Tony Dunne
Build the foundation first. Many salespeople try to build their sales career on a foundation that won't support a chicken shack.

The foundation consists of the proper sales success mindset, and clearly defined, written goals. - by Jim Klein
To simply just "sell something" to make a living...lacks passion. And the key to winning ANYONE over, from hot dogs to hot rods...if you don't sell something that you PERSONALLY believe in...then that "indifference" will hence be passed onto your customer.
Find out how the product relates to YOU....and find that value first and play the role of the customer and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses so that you can have a clear understanding of "their" perspective so that you can most accurately build up your sales presentation.

"Much like a good parent never forgets what it is like to be the child....the best salesperson NEVER forgets what it is like to be the customer."

Best of Luck!!
-David - by truesaxman
I was just thinking that the reason why Iíve succeeded and over achieved for years is because I try to do more than my customers or prospects expect me to