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Success Components?

Can anyone provide an example of a "Success Component?" :confused: - by Newbie
IMO, a "Desired Outcome" is an essential "Success Component." Or put another way, "Know what you want." ;) - by Calvin
I believe that "purpose" is a core component to sucess. - by AZBroker
Wouldn't "Interest" be a component of success? - by Frankie
Wouldn't "Interest" be a component of success?
I believe "interest" is a "core" component of success.

In life, "interest" isn't everything but it ranks up their with "air". ;) - by WobblyBox
Thanks guys! :) - by Newbie
Assertiveness... you get what you ask for. ;) - by Jolly Roger
Focus of Attention! ;) - by Gilbert
My beliefs, which permeate everything I do, as both a personal sales strategist and a person who coaches others on sales strategy, have as a core success component: Philosophy.

Every high-earning, successful sales strategist I have ever known, or studied, built his/her other skills for success around a personal philosophy. Although philosophies would vary, they all had one thing in common: Their philosophy shared their customers' goals. - by Gary Boye
Although philosophies would vary, they all had one thing in common: Their philosophy shared their customers' goals.
Can you elaborate? - by Newbie
Can you elaborate?
My own philosophy for sales can be expressed as simplicity. I try to filter every decision I make in my business (selling is a business) through a self-examining process that asks what would make this simpler? I have found that the vast majority of my customers and potential clients seek simpler solutions. Likewise I have found that the perception of complexity is one that stalls buying.

I isn't just the decisions I make that warrants simplicity. I also keep my methods simple. - by Gary Boye
Having the confidence in your ability. Faith in yourself. Setting that realistic goal, reviewing it daily, and then committing yourself to it regardless of the challenges. - by msanti85
Hi All,

Would strongly suggest "Attitude" be in their somewhere.

From cold calling, to managing appointments, from handling objections to closing the sale and providing ongoing "extra mile" customer account management, Attitude is key.

Also "empathy" - understanding another persons point of view, seeing things from their standpoint and helping them solve their problems.

my 2 cents ;) - by Tonyd
The seeking of simplicity in method, in decision making, in clarity for producing solutions to problems is how I understand what you say, Gary, and have to look at daily in my business dealings. People do seek solutions that are not complex and fulfill basic human longings - that may sound deeper than it is in simple sales terms - but it's not.

When you live in a contextual environment of caring for results through a very narrow and focused personal relationship that pin points exactly what it is someone seeks - that's the essence of fulfillment and the components of that dialogue is true success.

That old cliche about helping other people get what they want you'll get what you want is one of the most over used and best ones out there. - by MitchM
Energy, Attitude, Vision and Desire. :) - by SalesGuy
It is essential to think positive. Possibility thinking. Instead of thinking this can't be done, ask yourself how can it be done.

Robert Kiyosaki provides a great example of this in his Rich Dad Poor Dad books.

Instead of saying "I can't afford something." Just simply ask yourself "How can I afford it."

So, like someone else said in the post earlier, attitude. - by msanti85
Instead of saying "I can't afford something." Just simply ask yourself "How can I afford it."
Great attitude! :cool: - by Agent Smith
We all have to think anyway for a living, so you might as well just think big. Instead of trying to live in a survival mode, go for the things you really want in life...whether it is to be more spiriturally centered, that nice new car or even to be your own boss...I just say take the risk.

A great book I have read is called the Science of Getting Rich. Wallace Wattles, the author, discusses how all physical things manifest as a thought in the beginning. Once that thought has been fixated on for a long of enough time, it will eventually become your reality.

If you think mediocrity, that is just what you will get.

If you think heartarche, then by golly you will have it.

I truly believe in the system of capitalism and free enterprise. The individuals that thought it could be possible did and succeeded beyond measurable, monetery means. Henry Ford was told an 8 cylynder engine was impossible by his engineers. Ford knew it could be done and he told them to get back to work. Low and behold, within six months, his engineers had a major breakthrough and it was done. - by msanti85
work ethic. refusing to quit. - by Rothgar the Pacifist
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