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Will Door-to-Door Sales become extinct?

Do you think Door-to-door sales will ever go the way of the Dodo? - by Newbie
For personal residences, I HOPE IT HAS ALREADY!! Business to business...that is the meat and potatoes of my livelihood, I hope not anytime soon! - by RainMaker
A "lot" of people I know cold call, door-to-door, businesses. ;) - by Newbie
Do you think Door-to-door sales will ever go the way of the Dodo?
Not anytime soon. As long as the cost-to-benefit ratio supports this method it will persist. - by Jolly Roger
I think you will see it come to an end, so many gated communities, and condos that makes it difficult to get into, and with the crime on the daily news people are more reluctant to open their doors.

Bob Chapman - by Rollix
Does any one still go's Door to Door trying to sell you something as in Residance? when was the last time a sales man approached you're door trying to sell you something? - by Sanddollar
It think it will become even more popular as a way to meet new prospects. Most people are on the do not call list so the only way to contact them is by mail or face to face. Maill works better if it is following a face to face meeting. - by Door knocker
I took a new recruit out door knocking yesterday. Cold canvassing (door knocking) is very effective for what we do and I don't see that changing anythime in the near future. - by AZBroker
We still have the occassional door-to-door salesman in our area. Often it is for siding, windows, vacuums, etc. Of course we also have students selling for school fundraisers too. Now we have me passing out Avon brochures. ;bg - by ozzie
I kid thee not, I am Britains longest serving door-to-door sales rep. If I tell you that I started at age 8 with towels [ my father sold towels and bedding door to door / I was his assistant] and I 'm now 65, meaning 57 years sales activity, so will you believe me!!

And what are my thoughts. The biggest problem is women at work causing high numbers of empty [unoccupied] houses, constant public relations advice never to buy from anyone at the door, rogue firms muddying the waters, and the sheer difficulty of getting door to door sales staff [it's virtually impossible] then you have training them and and their lack of education problems [many trainee sales staff can't read or write][so how are they going to fill in the order form] Competing in the background you have alternative well paid jobs, in offices or warehouses [remember door-to door-sales can mean rain, snow, slush, fog, winds and darkness / early sunsets] then you have vehicle and petrol costs [you call it gas] and problems getting the commission you rightfully earned, then you have cancellations to contend with, then if your paid on delivery - how do you go on if the firm you work for fall well behind on deliveries. The list is endless.

Door to door is slowly becoming more of a problem than whats its worth, but it does have its reward/s. I'm subtle, fast, inclined to rush, test close within 50 seconds, ask outright for the order, and many a day bring in 25 to 30 orders by cold calling.

My tools: I never sell anything I wouldn't buy myself, I'm confident, I've studied why people buy, and know a buyer when I see one, and the best money-maker FOR ME is when I walk out, when I kill the sale AND EXIT, meaning when I pretend the buyer needs rime to think it over, and I leave to allow him to do so, you see I 'm selling my time, buyers either let me know they are buying or I'm off, my secret is they are not aware of my secret philosphy which is, "Either you indicate strong interest from the word go - or its goodbye". Sales Hari- Kari admittedly, but in the time I save I can always find a stronger, better, potential client. The person who said close every sale was a loon - speaking nonsense, the secret is to find new 25 buyers a day and close 50%. My %s a