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Myspace Marketing

Myspace and other social networking site have become a good place to market website and services. Many music bands have become popular just by using them who dont have any official record company.

How do u use this site to promote your service your product ? - by mtajim
I haven't used it personally, but a friend of mine uses it for music business contacts.

I think it's an unconventional area that many people overlook. - by Ricardo
I have been using the site for marketing for about a month now. I've posted on the bulletin board and in the classified section. I have gotten one sale as a result, so far. I hope to get more soon. ;bg - by ozzie
MySpace? Never been there and don't plan to. - by Jolly Roger
Myspace is good way to promote , but its more focused on US members , if you have something for other countries then it may not be that better - by mtajim
It can be great for business if done correctly, if done with poor taste such as mass message spamming then dont expect for great results. You have to use that much like a forum on a one to one basis. You need to develop a relationship first before you even start to say " Oh by the way I run a widgets business, need any?" - by oceanline
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