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Blogging For Promotion

Blogging is the easiest way to get market for your product and contact directly with your clients, blogs can create a buzz in very less time, if you can do something which brings a lot of backlinks from other big bloggers to your blogs, then it will also bring quality traffic to your site,

How much have you been profited by power of blogs ? - by mtajim
Why would blogging be the easiest way to "get market for your product"? - by Gilbert
Blogging might not be the easiest promotion and advertising method however it certainly is one of the cheapest methods. All you need is a hosting package and a domain. Actually you could do it through Blogger and it would be free of charge. - by jimberan
If you are a online marketer, then blogging gives you a direct platform to contact with your customers, its like direct talk and much easier for promotion than newletters and ezines - by mtajim
If you do simple SEO stuff to your blogs, they seem to get more traffic or ranked higher or something vs simple SEO stuff to a website. - by oceanline
Just starting a blog is a terrible waste of your largest asset, your time.

Blogging works well when selling stuff that can be bought online, to a demographic that visits blog. Even then the blog has to have content these people want and acquiring and posting it takes a very large amount of time out of your day.

Like any strategy, it works when it is appropriate and the person doing it get the functionality and has some relevant skills. - by theglyphon
The only thing that I hate about blogging is that you are more or less forced to make a new post every day. Some days I am not in the mood to write any new posts but you still have to do it otherwise it looks bad on your forum. - by jimberan
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