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Unethical things

Doing unethical things and things like which are not supposed to do in public sometime really pulls eyes of people towards yourself,

Some people when they dont find a way to attract others towards themselves they start doing crazy, things

Do u think doing so will help increase buzz for your product or will increase the sales ? - by mtajim
I really doubt it myself. In my opinion, most people would stay away from someone who is doing unethical things for fear they will be harmed in some way. - by ozzie
Doing unethical things is not on the top of my list of things to do. Don't forget, what goes around, comes around. - by jimberan
Oh , i too think in someway it does bad in long run though one might think that it will bring in some new people to your attention - by mtajim
In my area there is a Real Estate company I won't mention the Corporation but the branch is called Su Casa.

Now this branch has been in the paper recently for doing less than ethical things. They even had to buy back a 600k home last month because of some of there practices.

When I talk to my Realtor friends about this they say, yeah that is just what makes it to the paper. They have their own horror stories about this branch. And when offers come in from that branch they are always the last considered even if they are the highest bidder. - by Jorel
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