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What would you do if you won a hundred million dollars (tax free) tomorrow?

I have been listening to a cd by Brian Tracy on goals and he suggests asking yourself these questions:

What would you do if you won a hundred million dollars (tax free) tomorrow?
  • What would be the first thing you did?
  • What would be the second thing you did?
  • What would you buy?
  • What changes would you make?
What do you think? - by Slick
The first thing I would do is sit down with my family and start planning. The next thing I would do is find out what all of my family members needed and help them get that done.

Before I bought anything I would meet with a financial planner and invest the money and live off the interest except for what my family immediately needed.

What would I change? I would stop working and start travelling. :thu - by Thomas
I would retire and buy myself a nice little island in Thailand. I love Thailand and have lived there in the past. - by jimberan
First things first, I'd invest the winnings and have the interest transferred to my personal bank account. Next --- I'll go where the wind takes me. ;wi - by Jolly Roger
That's a lot of money. I'd stop working for a living. I'd hire someone to help me with life coaching and financial planning. I'd travel more often to the places I've always wanted to visit. I'd do all of the above for my family. :thu - by Seth
First I'd need a good investment guy! I would still work, but probably as some sort of charitable donations recruiter. You have to keep working somehow. I know a lot of old farmers, and a lot of dead retirees! Next, I think I would buy a couple hundered acres of land, out in the middle of the country, and build asmall house with a big garage. Pay off my parents house, and set several family members up with a "salary."

Shiny Side Up!
Bill - by Bill_Kistner
100 Million clams goes a long way alright. I've read how people who win that kind of money are broke in no time flat so I would invest the money too and work off the interest which would be a cool million or two annually. Then I'd travel the world and get as many interesting experiences under my belt as I could before my number's called. - by Calvin
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