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Call from overseas

Sometimes when you fill up a form or something on Internet , you may get a call from a overseas customer care center ,,

How do u deal with those calls , if it comes in very odd hours ? - by mtajim
not sure what the question is? are these people calling you to sale you something? are they calling you because they want to buy something???? - by benjamin-benjamin
If you run an international operation then you should have a 24 call or operation center for your international clients. You would handle the orders as you would handle and normal domestic order. - by jimberan
The laws that were recently updated to create the Do Not Call Registry restrict telemarketing calls to the hours between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. States may have more restrictive time constraints for telemarketers who contact residents. For more information about the FTC's Registry and the law that governs it.

I have been violated once on this and the call came from the eastcoast, I am on the westcoast and yes they woke me up. I told them I was sleeping and to give me their home number so I could call them later that night to return the favor. They apologised and hung up. - by Jorel
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