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Prospecting to individuals

I have a market area of about a 30 mile radius. My product is geared towards individuals (families), not businesses. I am interested in anyones success stories regarding prospecting in the individual market. - by hfpins
What is the product? - by Jolly Roger
Insurance. - by hfpins
Are you looking for success stories or prospecting ideas? - by Bulldog
I don't have any personal experience to offer you. A good prospecting tool can be get a targeted mailing list (SRDS is a good source), send a postcard via direct mail. Post card could say
Visit www._________.com to see the 5 common misconceptions about life insurance. They visit the site, register for this free report, and you now have a warm lead.

Susan - by susana
Where do people usually look when they are shopping for insurance? If it was me I would search online. Do you have a website? - by Slick

You have a number of prospecting options open to you--but you want to concentrate on those that will produce results.

Do you work out of an office with other producers? If so, there are some things you need to do immediately to get focused. First, hang out with the top producers in your office and see where they prospect, who they prospect to and how they prospect. Secondly, don't hang out with the other new or average salespeople--all they can teach you is how to complain and ultimately fail.

Regarding your prospecting:

1. Cold calling if done correctly can help generate immediate results. It isn't fun. It's hard. And it is a learned art. But it can bring in immediate results. You might look at getting specific training on cold calling from someone who specializes in that like Wendy Weiss (www.wendyweiss.com).

2. Networking through local business and civic organizations can also be productive--unusally not as fast as cold calling.

3. As mentioned above, a website is a necessity in today's world. Your traffic will be almost zip, but the information you can put up can be helpful in capturing a prospect. Once you've made contact, make sure the prospect has your website address. And, of course, put the address on your businesscard.

4. Purchasing leads is usually not very cost effective but can be a good place to start if you really can't figure another starting place. Just be aware that more than likely the leads will not be exclusive--so you know right off the bat that you have competition and that price will probably play a major role in the prospect's decision making since they will be talking to several companies.

5. Learning how to generate a large number of high quality referrals from your clients is one of your best options, long-term. The traditional referral training of "do a good job and ask for referrals" doesn't work, so you must find a real, productive, proven system. You'll find a lot of information about referral selling and prospecting on my website.

6. Finding other professionals in complementary areas to partner with in offering seminars, writing a free e-book and other such ideas can help generate business--again, it isn't a quick turnaround.

7. Advertising in neighborhood publications is cheap and can help get your name out in specific neighborhoods. Most other forms of advertising are fairly expensive.

8. Targeted direct mail or direct email can also help. Direct mail isn't cheap--probably about 75 cents per piece and the response rate will probably be in the 1 1/2 to 3%. Obviously, you'll have to send out a lot to have any real impact.

Targeted email is really cheap--but the response rate will probably be less as so many people have learned to ignore anything from anyone they don't know. In addition, you have to be really careful to make sure you're not emailing to someone who has not indicated an interest in receiving your emails. One way around that is to purchase an opt-in email blast. Despite what many email list companies will tell you, expect an extremely low response rate--really, really low.

9. You can blast the neighborhood with fliers or door hangers as some do. You'll probably find this creates more negative response than anything else. These are sure signs that you're a weak producer and people typically hate them