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following up after a deadline has passed

Last month I had a good 2 or 3 existing customers miss the end-of-month deadline to renew services at a discounted rate.

My Billing department just gave us an extra 10 days to submit changes for the next billing period.

I made the mistake of being ultra firm about my deadline to these existing customers, "I simply cannot adjust your rate if I get your renewal contract back Monday or later."

Now, how do I follow up with these customers and say "You know what, in spite of my hard stance last month things have changed and I can still adjust your rate this period." All without losing too much cred or sounding like I'm full of it. - by DedicatedCircuit
You got painted into a corner. Can someone else from your company call so you don't lose face? You could call saying you noticed they didn't renew and ask if there was a problem. If the problem was they needed more time you could make them a one-time extension. Would that work? - by realtor
I would talk to each of them personally and find out why they did not renew at the discounted rate. Many people have busy lives and just forget and need a little reminder now and again.

I would call back and say, "I noticed that you did not send in your renewal. Well to be honest my billing department noticed a few of our loyal customers and I had to explain to my boss why. I told him sometimes people have things happen in their life and they are not able to meet the timeframe that we set for them. Since I had a few customers who happen to miss the cutoff date to I convinced him to extend it another 10 days. Please renew your contract by X date I really don't want to look bad to my boss."

BTW you might try to avoid using the word deadline with them, for me it just does not resonate well. But if they are away from type people if may be useful, up to you.

If it is something else well that is another post. - by Jorel
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