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Do you want to be smart or successful?

I was at a seminar last week and one of the constant objections that comes up for any sales person is I want to think about it.

This is how I remember the speaker handling it. I had to put a bit of my own experience in there because I could not remember it word for word and I could not tell it if I did not relate to it.

You know every time I hear that I think back to something my grandfather told me. We spent many summers together and he taught me a lot while I was growing up so a few years ago when he was lying in bed not feeling to well and the doctor said his days where numbered I drove up to his his home to visit him one last time. As we sat there reminissing about old times I asked him if there was one lesson in life that he learned that was more important than any other what would it be.
He looked at me and said Jimmy, take action. When you get to be my age you will look back and celebrate all the things you did in your life good and bad. But you will also look back and regret all the times you waited and thought about it. Jimmy smart people think about things. There is nothing wrong with being smart. But successful people make quick decisions they take chances and live a happier more successful life.

I tell you this because I had the opportunity when I was younger to move out to California. I could have stayed safe with my family and friends in Detroit or I could move out to California where my opportunities where endless. You know I moved hear and met the most wonderful woman in the world your grandmother. I could have waited and thought about it but the opportunities probally where not going to wait for me. So when you have important decsions to make ... make them, don't spend your life thinking about them. Make your life a success. - by Jorel
Nice reminder Jorel. ;wi - by BossMan
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