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What is your sales job?

Just wondering what some of you are selling as a profession.

How has it been, so far? Pros and Cons.... - by pacificfame
I work as a real estate broker. No complaints so far. ;) - by AZBroker
Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The Pros are that SEM is red hot and the cons are that SEM is red hot. ;sm - by SpeedRacer
Car sales for enterprise.
Pros, referral-based, learned a ton, most part honest enviroment
Cons, it car sales, working saturdays, pressure from management... - by benjamin-benjamin
I am a mortgage broker.

Upside the money and the hours, downsize people read an article in the paper or on the internet and now they think they are an expert.

A little information is a dangerous thing ;bg - by Jorel
Cellphone software and solutions. Booming business around the world.sn; - by Julian
Was a pharmaceutical salesman. Pros, selling even in bad times. Cons......can't find one at the moment. Apart from the incentives, helping sick guys really drives me......

Roslan - by Roslan
My last full-time job was as a customer service rep at a cable company where I upsold, cross-sold and did retention.

Pros: I suppose getting commission on top of the salary would be a definite.

Cons: in the company's environment, they were more interested in numbers than quality time (two examples here: management referred to the phone reps as "bodies" and I've heard about an HR manager using the term "meat market"). Another con would be the low commission rate ($1.75 to $3.50 per upgrade - I've heard about another cable company paying $25 per sale. Overall this company would give you little respect (whether or not you're Rodney Dangerfield). - by Wonderboy
Online software-Digital catalogs, directories, guides, etc...

Pros: Great work environment, solid product that I completely believe in.

Cons: New competition entering the market offering cheap prices for bad products. This leaves a potential customer with a bad impression on what normally is a great product - by mcrtdx
I sell Avon Beauty Products. I work really hard at it and am doing ok so far. There are a lot of expenses to having my own small business as an Independent Avon Representative. We pay for our website, brochures, samples and sales tools. - by ozzie
I work in the awards and promotional product industry.

Pros: Knowing that the person who receives the end product is going to have a smile on their face.

Cons: Its a large market with so many different companies selling the same products. - by awards mike
Automotive Sales - Buick, Pontiac, GMC to be exact, along with used vehicles.

No complaints. Been doing it 6 years now and love every minute of it! - by csimpson
I sell promotional products as an independent dealer for one of the larger distributors in the US.

Pros. Lots of neat stuff to sell and great industry support.

Cons: Lots of competition coming from every quadrant. - by Sales Pro 1000
I sell packaging as an independent rep.

Pros: Set my own hours, no quotas (but my own), good money (eventually)

Cons: No sales support system or co-worker relationships, no incoming money until I build some business - by sallysellsseashells
I"m a mobile tool salesman. I run around to dealerships, body shops, truck shops and independents and such talking to the technicians.

Pat - by toolguy_35

I started out as an owner of a tool & equipment dealership, first with Mac Tools, then with Cornwell Tools.

Pros: It's your business, and it is totally relation based sales.

Cons: you make a huge investment to become "employed." Also, you get to do the jobs of 4 people with the income of one!

Next I became an inside salesman at a lock & security products wholesaler.

Pros: I loved dealing with the customers.

Cons: The place (one of the largest) was horribly mismanaged. When I left, I was the 7th person to leave that branch in one year. I hear they just lost their 2nd branch manager in 3 years!

Now, I am a national accounts rep for a special order blinds manufacturer. I persuade the salespeople to sell our products.

Pros: I have been able to apply my salemanship to a situation that relies heavily on building relationships. Further, I have been able to develope a love for giving presentations and seminars.

Cons: We are a small fish in a big pond, so the salary could be better.

As for the future? Well, I am developing a seminar that I think will be quite marketable. If all goes well, who knows where I will be "working."

Wear the Right Hat!
Bill - by Bill_Kistner
I'm a car salesman... Ford Lincoln Mercury mostly - but also able to sell Dodge Chrysler Jeep Hummer Chevy and GM vehicles new. And of course the used cars (which is where money is made). - by Bardicer
Art Sales

Pros: Reputable artist, originals go for $150K+, ideal location, Maui always have tourists, great hours, commission and bonus great, six figure income very doable with clientele

Cons: Slow times of year are consistant, Art is not needed, truely a luxary, only one feature - you like it, and one benefit - it makes you happy - by Jon on Maui
I am a sales Manager for a large corporation. We specialize in providing Business Information to companies to help them grow and do business.

Pros: Great work enviroment , The thrill of the chase. Sales is like a game to me - I love to Win. $$$$ - while it can be a con if you are not selling a great product, I have built a solid team that produces and we sell a product I believe in. So for now.. all is well!!

Cons: Competition has been undercuting your price so at times reps can sell by price not by quality - Stop it dang-it - . Slow months mean less commission - so hopefully you have a solid base. Other than that I love sales!! - by C R Heller
Advertising and Media with back ground in Automotive - No complaints - by Snowboy
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