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Best way to learn

What did you learn from most when you where a newbie, experienced and seasoned sales person?

Maybe a mentor, a book, a video, a coach, experience or etc... - by Jorel
Most of what I've learned was from reading something and then trying it for myself except for golf. I had to get help from a coach with that. crp1; - by Thomas
I learn the most through education and application. The education can come from books, seminars, coaches, anywhere really and the application is always in the field. thmbp2; - by Liberty

there have been many studies in the subject of learning. Turns out that individually we have preferred leaning styles, so what's good for me might not be good for you. If you type learning styles into your search engine you'll probably find a variety of theories and you may even find an online tool that enables you to assess your preferred learning style. I only wish i'd known this earlier in life.
Hope this helps - by marky
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